Saturday, December 6, 2008


I was in the fourth row at the movie theater for a screening of "Seven Pounds" - Will Smith's new movie, with Rosario Dawson (and Woody Harrelson, whose role is just... so great), and afterwards, Will and Rosario came in for Q&A, which was fantastic. It's so nice to hear *stars* talk about the craft itself - the artistic side of acting.

These are SO CRAP because I not only took them with my phone (which is normally okay), but with new contact lenses which are so strong for far-sight, I have to wear reading glasses if I want to be able to see up close! I've not done that... yet... so I could just make out that I had the framing right before I took it - AND had to take it fast, as it had been stated NO photos or recording devices (then I saw half a dozen people taking photos, so yes, I jumped aboard).

I am IN LOVE with Rosario Dawson now - in a straight-girl-strong-admiration-want-to-be-like-her sorta way.
Her performance in this film is just lovely.

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