Sunday, March 15, 2009


I remember the day I first saw this picture. I had it in my bedroom until I moved out, and left it behind. When my parents were cleaning out my room, they offered to send it to me (I was in London). I didn't remember I'd had it, and they were trying to describe it to me: "it's a man, I guess you would think he's attractive, in a white suit..." "John Travolta?" "No."
Finally I said, "Just send it to me, and I'll use the frame for something if I don't like the picture."
I laughed out loud when I opened the package and saw it.
Though it needs to be re-matted, there is NO WAY I'm changing that picture! Plus, it looks great on my office wall :)
(John Taylor, bassist for Duran Duran, circa 1983)


  1. Too funny! At least you had good taste, hehe. Not bad.

  2. OMG, that is awesome!! Now that I'm back in the US, my old boxes of 80s goodies are beckoning to me... you've inspired me to go have a dig!