Tuesday, April 21, 2009


On the 5 heading towards San Francisco - I was driving, so yes, I'm breaking the rules, but trust me, the photos I took this day are less interesting.
This crazy car passed us twice, so I madly scrambled to catch up, slow down, while trying to instruct my dad how to use my camera. He got nearly all angles of the car, just not in one photo.
I still don't quite get what her agenda is, but no doubt feminism is a part of it!
The car was decorated with curlers, bras, pantyhose, feminist slogans, female portraits, with a trailer attached that was just as brightly decorated with the same colors, sans slogans. Her license plate is CANDYHM.

I don't get it... but I love it!
And... she had purple hair. I'm sorry we didn't get a photo of her.

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