Friday, March 12, 2010


From my six year old boyfriend:Ok, so as not to sound creepy...
he's a first grader I've taught since last year, and ever since he won't stop talking about how much he loves me and my class, and how he'll always sign up for drama as long as I'm teaching.
I noticed he was particularly hyper Friday afternoon, along with a few others, so I blamed it on the ice cream ("Ice Cream Fridays" - don't we know by now that's a HORRIBLE idea?!?).. they were bouncing off the walls.
As I was leaving through the school gate, his mom and sister (who's in 3rd grade, and also in my class, but a different one) ran up to me and asked if I could wait a minute. I said "Sure," and they called out for him to come. I noticed by then the mother had a bouquet in her hand... the three of them walked up to me, the sister handed the flowers to her brother, who very proudly handed them to me and said, "These are for YOU!"
I gushed, and said, "WOW, thank you so much! These are beautiful! What are they for?" And both kids together said, "For all your hard work!"

Now if I could just find someone about 40 years older to do the same... :)

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  1. the perks of teaching..keep doing what you ahve NO idea who you are affecting! awesome!!