Saturday, May 3, 2008


My six-year old neighbor Joel, showing off his new art project: a voting box. Though I'm concerned with the legalities, as the top of it says "LET'S VOTE, or donate money, or both, or sign up."He also insisted I vote publicly, which I wasn't too comfortable with; having to choose between a slotted spatula and a spoon. I went with the spoon. After his mom voted, the spoon won.
No Electoral College needed here.


  1. Damn. Four more years of spoon.

  2. LOL! Helen!!!

    Joel is so cute!

  3. Yep; you know I only pick the cute ones!
    (He's the one who made my door hanging and my own personal challah bread when I went to dinner at their house; and a couple of weeks ago told me "we're going to have to change that" when I said I hadn't seen him in a while because I've been busy and not at home.)