Thursday, November 20, 2008

139/365 - Happiness?

Walking around my old university (UC Irvine), I came across a sculpture garden; thought I'd gotten lucky in finding a statue of the goddess of Happiness:
But no, she's the goddess of longevity.
But I guess youth, beauty and health can certainly make one happy!

"Ma Gu, the goddess of longevity in ancient Chinese tradition, always appeared as a young and beautiful maid of eighteen. According to the legend, Ma Gu lived tens of thousands of years, achieving longevity by picking divine herbs from a verdant forest and brewing wine with them. Legend also has it whomever tasted a cup of Ma Gu's wine would be eternally young, beautiful and healthy.

According to legend, MaGu lives forever on clouds. Winter Blooming Dergenia, with a soft cloudlike texture and form have been planted around the statue

More pics of the garden:

This guy was my favorite.

Looking past the sculpture garden out to Aldrich Park, which is in the very center of the campus.

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  1. Oh my gosh! Beautiful!! Thanks for sharing all of them!