Saturday, November 29, 2008

147/365 - SIGNS

FINALLY, I have some things up on the walls (since they've been repainted with a special type of plaster paint, and no, I've never used a drill before, so the drapery guy came round and helped/taught me how to put things up properly (in the olden days I'd take a hammer and nail and hope for the best; no longer!)
This is one of my favorite pieces, that sadly looks like it may need replacing - the chips at the bottom are from 'normal' wear and tear, but the crack in the upper right is thanks to the international movers :(.
It's one of my favorite pieces, as I acquired it on a trip in New England several years ago and I first learned about the pineapple as a symbol and it's meaning, and I love the idea.
I got this tile at one of the "Newport Mansions" in Rhode Island - I can't remember which one.

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  1. LOL! Damned pineapples are everywhere in Rhode Island!