Sunday, January 18, 2009

174/365 - They're BAAAaack!

While I love the sound of chirping around the house; I'm afraid I can't be happy about providing homes for all these birds. They love to build their nests in the tiles (which are all around the house!)... I wouldn't mind until I learned how much damage they can do, and my least favorite, which I experienced on more than one occasion last year: finding dead babies on the pavement who slipped out. :(


  1. do you hose them out?? I remember the dead birdies when it rained in L.A.

  2. No, I have a handyman dude who's going to very carefully check to see if there are eggs/babies in the nests - I think we're getting them early enough so there won't be - then pulling the nests out and filling in the spaces with ... something permanently.
    (if there are babies/eggs, then we're not touching anything until there gone again)