Tuesday, January 20, 2009

176/365 A NEW ERA

Just like Election Day, I didn't think much of anything until I turned on the TV. Then I couldn't leave it. I smiled, I cried, I cheered, I guffawed, I got upset (about Ted Kennedy), I cried, I smiled... what an exhausting day! And I was just watching TV!

These are the best I got, so they are much better small!

Not sure why, but I suppose after the commentators going on and on about how armoured and secure their car was, I thought NO WAY are they going to be allowed to get out and WALK.

And then they did.
And I just. Lost. IT.
And lost it again when they danced together.

Something in my gut overrides my practical sense, that this is huger than huge.

And I love I caught his expression here:

He, his wife, his daughters, his family. His impact. All of it makes me want to be a better person. Do something big. Have a positive influence and impact.

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