Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Call me a cheater (3 pics), but WHAT. A. FIND. in the garage today...
baby booties. From like, 1930. And a bonnet. Hand made. With strips of cardboard to keep the pleats. And BRAND NEW baby socks. Never worn. AND BRAND NEW BABY SHOES. In the box (slippers kinda). All the shoes are well worn.
And in the bottom left hand corner, yes. The tiniest li'l coin purse you've ever seen. Or at least that I've seen.
You could put mayyyyybe three coins in there. Thassit.

(on the inside of one of the shoes) It says "PAT. AUG 10 (or 18), 1910."

I also came across a box of postcards to my grandma from her grandma, circa 1909, telling her she doesn't write enough! And all the address has is a name and a city, and I think two numbers for a postal code.
I forced myself to put it away for now and get the boxes and chairs I went into the garage for!
More trekking for nostalgia to come...

(*you can click on the pics and see the HUGGGGE version for details)


  1. That is a truly AMAZING find!!! I loooove that kind of stuff!! Whose booties, shoes and bonnet were they?

  2. I love that kind of find! How cool.

  3. That is so cool! Hopefully you finds lots of other stuff!

  4. "Whose booties, shoes and bonnet were they?"

    The bonnet seems to have never been worn, and I know it's before my mother's era, so I'm guessing my grandma had it.
    Again, I have to guess the shoes were my mother's and/or my aunt's, as 1910 was the year of the patent, which is after my grandma was a baby, but my mom was born in 1927...
    though those boots in there, are very well worn, along with the other shoes (aside from the box), but they seem very much like shoes for a little boy, not a little girl. So I have no idea. I'll have to ask mom!