Saturday, April 26, 2008


FINALLY a place to sit and have a meal properly.The Breakfast room. There's a set of mugs on the left lower middle shelf, made for Aunt Evelyn, Grandpa (Will), and Grandma (Edith), after my mom had moved out (so no mug for her!).
The tea set on the lower right was my grandma's special chintz china, Made in England, circa 1900.
There used to be a sewing machine over on the left (which is now in the garage and probably will be moved back, but I'd also love to try and get it working again).
I'd found a great picture grandma, taken by Evelyn, sitting at it and mending something, looking very annoyed that Evelyn had interrupted her just to take a photo.
Now of course I can't find those photos, as they're somewhere in a bag in the garage.
I cannot WAIT to get this place properly SORTED!


  1. It's such a lovely house Elizabeth. I love thos cabinets. Why don't they build houses like this any more?!

  2. :)
    I hear ya! Another reason mom and dad are investing so much into fixing it up!

  3. So pretty. I'd love to have the built-ins in that room!

  4. Can I come and live with you!?! That room is absolutely perfect!