Friday, September 5, 2008


YAY me! I get to post a cat photo - though this one is not mine... he is a trespasser! And late night garden bomber.
I had a motion sensor light put on the side of the garage overlooking the back garden, and one night it flashed on and I got very scared. I peeked out my bedroom window, and this guy was smack in the middle of the grass... FROZEN IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ACT!I was wondering why he continued to sit so calmly as I pulled up, until I realized: I drive a hybrid, and the battery was on (which means total silence). Right after I snapped this picture, I tried to sweet talk him, but he knows he's guilty, so he took off.


  1. Well, what cat isn't really?
    But you and I both know full well that he's a CULPRIT and a SNEAK!
    If you blow up the photo, you can see that "hmmm? Me? I'm cool" look in his guilty eyes!
    I look forward to having one of my own one of these days... hopefully there won't be too much territory to fight over.

  2. He knows how handsome he looks with that bougainvillea.