Thursday, September 11, 2008

97/365 Sisterhood of the Traveling Velours

Sort of.

I got these in Winter 2004; my first trip home for Christmas. I thought they were such a pretty pink color, and they were long, and comfy... and now I look back in a bit of horror, what was I thinking?
When my friend Annabelle helped me clear out my flat before moving back, she tried very diligently to get me to throw them away. When I wouldn't, she made me promise never to wear them not only in public, but not even risk the chance of someone stopping by my house to see me in them. I've only worn them a couple of times since I've been back, and yes, they're pretty nasty now. When I spoke to her the other day, she made me promise I would finally toss them for good, and she wanted proof. I even tried to catch the garbage man so I could get a photo of them actually going into the truck, but he'd already gone. Maybe next week. I clipped a piece before I put them in the bin and am going to mail it to her with this photo.

Hope that will be proof enough!


  1. Heee! I had brown velour trousers ... but it was 1987. ;)

  2. Haven't you noticed? Velour is cool! Especially if they've got "Juicy" sprawled across the a$$.

    (Well done throwing them out. I'm horrible about getting rid of clothes.)